Constitution of Cork Zone IIBA
1. Title
1.1 The Association shall be known as the Cork Zone of IIBA (Irish Indoor Bowling Association).

2. Objective
2.1 The purpose of the association shall be to organise and regulate all indoor short-mat bowls matters that are properly the concern of the Cork Zone.
2.2 The rules and constitution of the I.I.B.A. shall take precedence over this constitution.

3. Membership
3.1 The Cork Zone shall comprise of indoor bowling clubs that are affiliated to the Irish Indoor Bowling Association and who are registered with the Cork Zone.

4. Officers of the Cork Zone
4.1 The Executive of the Cork Zone shall comprise of the Zone convenor, Honorary Sectetary, Honorary Treasurer and League Secretary.
4.2 The total number of the committee shall not exceed eleven members.
4.3 The committee shall have the power to fill by co-option any vacancies that arise.
4.4 Officers and committee members must be current registered members of the Cork Zone.
4.5 The term of the office shall last from one AGM to the next AGM with the exception of the outgoing League Secretary who shall remain in office until the completion of the League Finals or until the end of May, whichever comes first.

5. Meetings
5.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Cork Zone shall be held on or before the 31st May each year.
5.2 Nominations and/or motions shall be proposed by one club and forwarded in writing to the Honorary Secretary not later than 30th March.
5.3 Special General Meetings may be called by (a) the Zone Convener, (b) the Zone Committee or, (c) on the request of at least 15 affiliated clubs. The notice calling such special meetings shall specify the purpose for which the said meeting has been called and no other business shall be transacted. Any such special meeting shall be held within 28 days of the notice being served.
5.4 For Annual or Special General meetings a quorum shall be more than one half of the total number of the clubs registered with the zone.
5.5 Two representatives only from each club shall have voting rights at the AGM or Special general meetings, however any number of members of any registered club in the Zone can be present in an observing role only.
5.6 Voting for officers and committee shall be conducted by secret ballot. Voting on all other issues at the AGM shall be by a show of hands and majority shall decide the result. In the event of an equality of votes, the Zone Convener, or other person occupying the Chair, shall have a casting vote as well as an ordinary vote and such casting vote shall be exercised so as to maintain the status quo.
5.7 The sitting Chairperson (Zone Convener) shall act as presiding officer in all ballots at general meetings. The Zone Convener shall vacate the chair for the election of the Zone Convener or Chairperson only and yields the chair to the newly elected Chairperson for the remainder of the election and meeting. The secretary shall act as Chairperson for the election of the Zone Convener only. Two non-contesting scrutineers may be elected from the floor of the meeting.

5.8 The agenda for AGMs shall be forwarded to club secretaries giving at least 28 days notice and shall consist of the following items in the order listed;
• Minutes of the last meeting
• Matters arising
• Convener’s Report
• Honorary Secretary’s Report
• Honorary Treasurer’s Report
• League Secretary’s Report
• Notice(s) of Motion
• Election of Officers
• Election of Committee
• Setting of Player Registration Fees
• Any Other Business

6. Committee Meetings
6.1 The quorum for committee meetings shall be more than one half of the total members.
6.2 To ensure the interests of the Association are best served, the committee may allocate portfolios as required. The committee shall be entitled to vary the portfolios in accordance with the needs of the Association from time to time.
6.3 The committee shall meet not less than four times each year to conduct the business of the Association.
6.4 The Zone Convener shall act as Chairperson in all zone or committee meetings. If the Zone Convener is not in attendance a temporary chairperson shall be elected by simple majority from those voting members present.

7. Finance
7.1 The Honorary Treasurer shall take charge of the Zone funds and shall maintain accounts of receipts and payments.
7.2 The bank account of the Zone shall be left at a bank approved by the Zone Committee. All payments from the account shall only be made by the signatures of the Zone Treasurer and either one of two other committee members who shall be nominated by the Zone Committee.

8. General
8.1 The committee shall have the power to appoint a sub-committee, the chairperson of which shall be the Zone Convener.
8.2 The Executive shall act as an emergency committee. All decisions taken shall be subject to approval by the Zone Committee at their next meeting.

9. Notices
9.1 All notices concerning meetings of the Association shall be delivered or posted by the Honorary Secretary, to all club secretaries giving at least 14 days notice. Such notices should also be posted on the official internet web site whenever possible.

10. Alteration of Constitution
10.1 No alteration of or addition to the Constitution of the Cork Zone 1.1.B.A. shall be made, except at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose unless passed by at least two-thirds of the members present at the meeting and entitled to vote.

11. Disputes
11.1 All disputes between clubs, which are referred to the Zone Committee, must be resolved in accordance with the relevant rules of 1.1.B.A.
11.2 On matters in dispute between clubs, and to which no 1.1.B.A. rules apply, the Zone Committee is empowered to act as mediator. Any resulting recommendation or directive by the Zone Committee should be adhered to.
11.3 Where the decision of the Zone Committee is not accepted by one or other of the parties in the dispute, the matter in dispute will be decided at the next A.G.M. or at an E.G.M. specially called for that purpose.